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     As a mother of 5, comforting babies just feels like home.

     I am currently 42 years old, My husband and I welcomed out first baby when I was 21, that means I have officially spent HALF of my lifetime comforting, caring for, and raising babies.

     I know what is safe and what is not, not only from training, which I have, but also from 21 years of first hand experience.  Not all poses you see online are actually safe or a healthy option for your new precious baby, and many new photographers pride themselves in those poses even though they are not best for baby. Your new baby’s comfort is the most important thing to me when posing and positioning them for their portraits.

    I want to capture a variety of special sweet details that are unique to your little one. For my oldest son this was the 2 web toes he has that he got from his Papa, For my middle boy it was his tiny ears, one side flat and one rounded, and for my youngest daughter that amazing detail was her gorgeous blue eyes, and the little birth mark on her neck. I want you to remember those little details that may only appear for a few weeks but live in your heart forever.  

     While I occasionally have last minute opening, I recommend booking your Newborn portrait session as early as 16 weeks along.  Because babies most often arrive on their own schedule, we book for 6-21 days after expected due date, but we can adjust as needed.

     I do all of my newborn sessions in the studio so that we can keep everything sanitized, while having full control over the lighting and temperature for the comfort of your baby. The Studio is fully supplied with all props and items needed for your session.      

     Please use my CONTACT form to get in touch so we can start the process to reserve your Newborn Portrait Photography session today at in our Richmond- Midlothian Newborn Photography studio.

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