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CWorks 2022

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

CWorks Headshot Day 2022

It's time to prepare for your Child's headshot Day

Weather permitting we are hoping to get both an indoor portrait and a backdrop studio style portrait of each cast member similar to these sample images.

*UPDATE Outdoor portraits have been postponed for a future date T.B.D.*

  • When planning an outfit please choose something your child feels very comfortable in.

  • To get a uniform look for all cast members we are requesting your child wears a solid black top.

  • Please avoid any and all busy designs or patterns or clothing with any words or distracting logos and also avoid any shiny materials that may glare in your portraits.

  • Please avoid turtle necks or low cut necklines.

  • If your child is planning to wear any jewelry or makeup please keep it very simple and natural.

  • The goal of these portraits is to reflect a real unique portrait of each actor. We want to avoid anything that can distract or steal the spotlight from them.

All images will be available at the links below for parents to view and purchase if desired

As soon as portraits are edited and ready a password for the show gallery will be emailed to you from Cworks.

If you have any questions I can be reached at

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