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Mermaid Princess First Birthday Cake Smash

I was contacted by a local Mama who chose a Mermaid Princess Theme for her baby girl's First Birthday Cake Smash session. Our colors were Purple and Teal Blue and she wore the cutest little Mermaid suit.

We started the session with a family Mini Add on, which is something fairly new that we offer for our birthday sessions when the parents want a few posed portraits on a separate backdrop.

Then after a quick outfit change we started her Birthday Cake smash session with her toddling around the set walking with the cutest little uncertain baby steps <3

Not all babies are walking by the time of their birthday session, but when they do, its kind of ADORABLE!

Then we did a few shots sitting on the set up before bringing the cake in.

Next it was time to BRING ON THE CAKE!!!

She was having a great time mashing up her cake and playing in the frosting and even eating a little bit, But I think her Favorite part was tipping it over, she did it a few times and seemed to be having a blast!

This little one will have some pretty cute memories to look back on in the future. My kids are all teens or above now, and Cake Smash sessions were not a thing when they were babies, but I still love looking through their baby books and remembering each birthday though the photos we took in those day. <3

If you would like to remember your little ones First Birthday with a Cake Smash Session Please give us a call or text at (757) 942-5367 or reach out on our Contact form HERE

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